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Accessorizing is the easiest way to change the appearance of your wardrobe and add a slimming effect without spending much. Add a bracelet, necklace or pin with a simple dress or top. Tie on a colorful scarf to dress up a pant suit. Use a long oblong scarf to create a slimming effect and you are ready to step out with style. Plus has lots of accessories to choose from so you can vary the accent of any outfit.


Pick 2-3 colors to mix and match, maybe 2 light colors and 1 dark color or 2 dark colors and 1 light color.

Use comfortable fabrics, knits or stretch cottons. They pack better with fewer wrinkles.

Your wardrobe should include:

Comfortable walking shoes and lightweight shoes for evening.

Dresses that can be worn alone for daytime and accessorized for dinner and evening.

Lightweight sweaters (silk or cotton) for cooler weather or when in air conditioning.

Dark colored shawl to wear over your dress for evening.

A coverup for your swimsuit, a pareo or other lightweight shift.

A large-brimmed hat to keep the sun off. The foldable straw hats are a good choice.

Flowing and Fluid are the words to describe this season's accessories. Long jewelry, sparkling metallic bags, beads of all kinds, sizes, lengths and colors to mix, match and layer.

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