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Try the newest fashion statement, horizontal corded pants. The seersucker cords go around the body, rather than up and down, to keep you cooler.

Fashion Tips For Plus Size Men

  • Socks should match your trousers, not your shoes, and may be a shade darker than the trousers.
  • The dressier the occasion the darker the sock color and the longer the stock (usually over-the-calf).
  • With more casual styles you should still match the sock to your pants color but you can be more liberal with the color of sock and the pattern.
  • Do not wear a dress sock with a casual outfit!
  • For sports the athletic socks are usually white cotton, although some incorporate high tech fabrics to help wick away moisture. They are usually crew or mid-calf length but may be ankle length.
  • A plaid tie will make you look wider while a plain tie or one with a small pattern will make you look thinner.
  • Stand up tall, stomach in, shoulders back, to add to the illusion of thinness, not to mention confidence.
  • Heavier fabrics
  • (Tweed, flannel, bulky sweaters)give the impression of a heavier body while light to medium weight fabrics (cotton, twill, linen) visually remove pounds.
  • Wear clothes that are not too tight or too loose clothes because these add pounds.
  • Wear solid colors, preferably in the same color range, from head to toe.
  • Avoid stiff fabrics and nubby textures.
  • Wear darker tones in smooth fabrics with flat finishes.
  • Limit stripes to very fine, subdued, and close-together versions.
  • Wear trousers at the natural waist (never below).
  • Wear suspenders with button loops, never clips.
  • Be sure your tie touches the waistband and that it is medium in width.
  • Avoid busy patterns.
  • Wear vertical stripes.
  • Avoid elastic bottoms on sweaters, and jackets, which can cause the material to bunch up at the waist and make you look heavier.
  • Cool colors (green, blue, violet) are calming and unassuming and they appear to recede, which is good for heavier figures.
  • Remember the rule of "Two Plains and One Fancy" for your suit, shirt and tie.
  • Look thinner with a repp or regimental tie - the slanting stripes help to visually reduce weight in the face by drawing the eye downward.
  • If you’re trying to look slim, save the bright colors for accents. With a gray or navy suit a red or yellow tie will draw favorable attention to your face.
  • Short or heavy men look great in suits since the matching top and bottom produce a “taller, thinner” image.

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