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" Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chance for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet".


Due to genetics and body types, all of us can't be thin but we can all be healthy. Learn 12 ways to make peace with your body and how to love your whole body.

Losing Weight with Dance

If you hate going to exercise classes or to the gym and working out with the skinny, perky size 6 crowd, try something new, something you can do by yourself in the privacy of your own home. Try dance. Flamenco and belly dancing are very friendly to larger-sized persons. African and Carribean dance also has varied sizes in their classes. Some of the most famous belly dancers are quite voluptous but good dancers nonetheless. If you don't want to join a class there are plenty of good videos you can use in the privacy of your own living or bedroom.

15 minutes of fast Latin-American ballroom dancing burns an average of 104 calories. Keep up a good pace and you can raise your heartbeat from 80 to 120 (sometimes even more) beats per minute. Dancing improves muscle tone with a mix of isometric and isotonic resistance, perfect for toning without building up muscle mass. Because dancing is a weight bearing exercise it helps build strong bones to prevent osteoporosis and it helps lubricate joints. This leads to improved posture and self confidence. In the end it improves your mood, your mind and your social graces.

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Getting enough sleep?

If you don't get enough sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzs at night, it doesn't matter what you eat and how much time you spend on the treadmill. If you're exhausted, your diet just won't work. Why? Sleep deprivation affects the hormones that control appetite and weight reduction. According to Jewish World Review, physical exhaustion thwarts your diet efforts in both obvious and unexpected ways.
If you don't get enough sleep at night:
--You'll eat more during the day in an attempt to stay alert.
--The hormones that control appetite and weight reduction won't function properly.
--Your resistance to insulin will be increased, which in turn interferes with your ability to digest and process carbohydrates. And that can make you gain weight.

But so far, scientists have just found a LINK between sleep loss and weight gain. They don't know the mechanism--if any--that actually causes this, according to Carl Hunt, M.D., director of the National Center for Sleep Disorders at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. If you know you're not getting enough sleep most nights, you're not staying up late alone. As many as 70 million Americans aren't putting in enough pillow time often due to the pressures of a 24/7 lifestyle.

Sleep is not a luxury. If you don't get enough sleep every night, it could be as damaging to your diet as splurging on ice cream every night. And crashing on the weekends to make up for a weekday sleep deficit won't cut it. Eight hours is the ideal amount of sleep. It may also be the secret to living a long and healthy life.

You Can Help

Here's how to create a home for wildlife in your backyard and community. You'll get an enhanced backyard, exercise and some fun !

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