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Trends for Autumn

This autumn should provide some of the most beautifully feminine clothes in a long time. Clothes will be 40's-inspired and will be full of color and texture. It's all about separates and encourages combinations of lightweight prints with tweeds and heavy wools. Skirts with kick-pleats and in various lengths and jackets in cropped or fitted styles with or without vests. Blouses in light pastel colors to wear with your classic jackets or alone, depending on the weather. Favorite colors for brightening up your wardrobe include burgundy, purple, baby blue and salmon. Best fall/winter coats for fuller figures are single-breasted in pastel colors.

Also introduced are the 60's-inspired back-to-the-future, space-age fashions, from the Twiggy-style shift-dress to the monochrome silver and metal styles. Try parkas in reflective pewter or silver and boots in silver to wear with everything.


Trends for Spring/Summer

While winter's fashions were structured and short, reminescent of the 60's, the outlook for this Spring and Summer is a dramatic shift to the 20's and 30's with frills, ruffles, feminine prints and bright rainbow pastels or shades of brown in soft and sheer fabrics. The choices this season for women are endless. Fabrics in linen, cotton pique, stretch leather, chiffon, shantung silk, gauze, even metallics mimiking the space age. Bows and ruffles are everywhere. The nautical and tennis looks are also going to be popular

Speaking of shoes, high-heeled, pointy-toed pumps are what's in with everything from suits to shorts.

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Skinny jeans are in and can look good on the plus sized figure. Wear eye-catching, longer tunic-type tops with flowing or dolman sleeves to draw attention away from fuller thighs and hips. Wear boots over your jeans to minimize fuller calves. Or wear higher heels and/or pointy toes. Enjoy the look!

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