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Your Active Pet

Pillow-filled tents for your BEST BUDDY  - your Pet !!!!
These adorable tents have a pillow filled with 100% buckwheat hulls which will give your pet a cool, comfortable environment to rest or sleep. 

American Flag Pet Lead
  These fashionable leads are just what your pet needs to show his patriotism. Size: 4'L x 3/4"W. Additional size available. Matching collars also available.

Pet LitterMaid Mega
LitterMaid is the world's most technologically advanced cat litter box. A microprocessor controls the completely automatic LitterMaid allowing it to self-clean after every use.

Pet Trainer
Are you having difficulty getting your pet to behave? The Pet Trainer emits a safe ultra sonic sound (that only animals can hear) to control a disobedient pet. Simply give the desired command, press a button, and the Pet Trainer works its magic to command your pet's attention. A harmless but effective tool to train your dogs and cats. Offer includes the Pet Trainer.

Problems For Overweight Animals
  • Reduction in life expectancy

  • Heart and circulatory disorders

  • Lung problems

  • Diabetes

  • Heat intolerance

  • Skin disease

  • Increased risks with surgery and anesthesia

  • Arthritic animals experience more discomfort

  • Liver disease

Cat Fancy Magazine
Cat Fancy 

Urban Dog Magazine


Ionic Pet Brush
Ionic Bath Pet Brush  

Stop your pet from barking with ultrasonic trainer
Bark-Free Ultrasonic Trainer  

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