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The Stretching Handbook

Kathy Smith's Ab-Lifter Plus
The Ab-Lifter Plus not only works all the abdominal muscles, it trims the waistline, tones the oblique and it sculpts the gluteus maximus (buttocks). It is also very effective working the shoulders, pecks and upper torso while it strengthens your core muscle structures.


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Real Fitness for
Real Women:
A Unique Workout Program for the Plus-Size Woman

Real Fitness for Real Women  

Scuba Diving magazine

Runner's World Magazine 


Learn about the calming and energizing benefits of yoga. Yoga can be practiced to some degree by anyone, regardless of their size, physical condition or weight. enthusiastically recommends yoga for all.

Visit these sites for plus-size exercise programs and videos:
In Grand Form
Plus Size Yoga

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Featuring the Build Your Own Online eFit system to design perfect golf clubs to improve your game. 

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Here's how to create a home for wildlife in your backyard and community. You'll get an enhanced backyard, exercise and some fun!


Researchers at Wake Forest University found that people perceive women who work out regularly to be more attractive, even if they are overweight. A fit plus size woman is thought to be more physically and sexually attractive than her non-exercising counterpart. Their study revealed that if women are seen as exercisers they are stereotyped the same, whether they are thin or plus-size. In fact, the heavier woman is seen as more active, healthier, neater, less depressed, more confident and more social than the woman who doesn’t exercise. "Our findings suggest women shouldn’t focus so much on weight in trying to improve how others perceive them. It may be just as effective to focus on becoming a regular exerciser – working out at least three times a week – if you’re trying to improve your image." Do weight-bearing exercises to improve your muscle strength and support your bones and aerobics to improve your cardiac and respiratory conditioning.

Body by Jake
Strengthen, sculpt and shape your body! Total Body Trainer will accommodate up to 300 lbs.

Bun & Thigh Max
Bun & Thigh MAX features advanced technology and a compact size designed to perform exercises like the calf press, single leg press, inner thigh exercise, outer thigh exercise, and reverse leg kick with one machine.

Backpacker Magazine

Giaim - A Lifestyle Company



 iJoy Robotic Massage Chair
iJoy Robotic Massage Chair

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Blast Away the Pounds by Richard Simmons
Boogie your way to fitness with Blast Off the Pounds. Get Richard Simmons’ popular exercise program that burns fat and calories while you move to Richard’s favorite disco tunes.
Body and Soul magazine
Plus Size  Fitness and Healthy Eating
Lateral Thigh Trainer
The Lateral Thigh Trainer System gives you two potent workouts in one machine. A fun, fat burning cardio workout plus a super effective toning workout. The Lateral Thigh Trainer not only moves up and down, it also moves in and out at the same time. The secret is the bi-directional skating like motion, unlike ordinary steppers the Lateral Thigh Trainer unique movement targets multiple muscles from different angles. You'll also receive Brenda Dygraf's Power House Training Manual full of secret positions to do all kinds of fun full body aerobic moves while toning and shaping those hips, glutes, and thighs. As a special bonus you'll also receive: Brenda's Powerhouse Workout Video and The Powerhouse Food Plan. As an extra special bonus you'll get the Powerhouse Training Computer that counts calories, totals strides, and total workout time. Product includes: Lateral Thigh Trainer Fully assembled, Training manual, Workout video, Food plans, Powerhouse Training computer.

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