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Age Spots

Age spots are flat brown spots that can appear on the body as it ages. Most age spots appear on the neck, hands, and face. The age spots themselves are harmless but can be a sign of more serious things to come. They are a buildup of waste know as lipofuscin accumulation which is a byproduct of free radical damage in the skin cells.

Age spots are actually signs that the cells are full of the type of accumulated wastes that slowly destroys the body's cells. The greatest cause of age spots is from too much exposure to the sun. Other factors that can contribute to the developement of age spots are:

            • Poor liver function
            • Lack of excercise
            • Poor diet
            • The ingestion on oxidized oils over time


Since sun exposure is the largest contributor to the cause of age spots then minimizing your exposure to the sun would be the best treatment. Eat a diet that is high in vegetable protein and that consists of 50% raw fruits and vegetables, plus fresh grains, cereals, seeds, nuts. It is also a good idea to avoid caffeine, sugar, saturated fat, and red meat. As with any health related issue, if you are a smoker, you are advised to try to quit smoking.

Helpful Supplements

Here are some supplements that may be helpful in the prevention and treatment of age spots:

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