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Order you Ab Scissor now!
The Ab Scissor is the fun and easy way to cut the fat and sculpt your abs! This machine puts your body in the perfect anatomical position to automatically firm and flatten your stomach in no time! You just jump on and go for a ride.

The secret is the Ab Scissor's patented Scissor Action. It leverages your own body weight to deliver five levels of ab-sculpting resistance…And the upright hand grips that put you in the optimal position to engage the abs for a deeper, more effective abdominal contraction. Because of the design of the Ab Scissor, you won't have to spend much time working out on it, it's easy to use and it's fun!

Product includes: AB SCISSOR, CUT THE FAT PROGRAM. EXTRA BONUS: CUSTOM WORKOUT TIMER. Your order will leave our warehouse the next business day.

Get the Esteban's American Legacy Guitar. This great package will show you how to play a guitar through instructional videos and books. You'll get three hours of fun and knowledgeable guided instructions on how to play an acoustic/electric guitar. Get your American Legacy Guitar and receive a poster-size Chord Chart.

Product Includes: Full Size Acoustic/Electric Steel String Guitar, All Wood with on Board Equalizer (on board electronics), Esteban's Powerful Amplifier with Master Controls plus an overdrive Button (with ten foot guitar amp cable), Deluxe Hard-sided Nylon Case with interior storage compartment, 2 DVD's: Instructional Lesson - three hours of instruction, 2 "Instructional Method for the Guitar" Lesson Books, I Esteban Polishing Cloth, Extra strings, picks, straps and alien key. Plus: Esteban's poster size Chord Chart. Al charge of $34.90 will be applied to orders for Alaska, Hawaii, and Po Box addresses. (RUSH SHIPPING NOT AVAILABLE FOR LEFT HANDED GUITAR).
Get your American Legacy Guitar Now!
Make your house healthier and order today! Sharper Image Design’s™ Ionic Breeze® Quadra™ Silent Air Purifier has been proven to remove pollen, dust and animal dander, and even bacteria! It also removes some harmful airborne chemicals from carpeting, flooring, paint and household cleaners. It can eliminate cigarette smoke and all sorts of offensive odors and leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. Not to mention, the Ionic Breeze® is the world’s only totally silent air purifier that actually cleans and circulates air without any moving parts. The unit covers 500 square feet. The new Ionic Breeze® Quadra™ is much more powerful than the original Ionic Breeze® with about twice the airflow. You can save hundreds of dollars a year and more than $1000 over 5 years because, unlike other filters, it uses almost no electricity and there are no expensive filters to replace, ever. Cleaning takes just a minute. Simply pull out the collection grid, wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge, and slip it back in. It’s that easy! Ionic Breeze® Quadra™ is 28 inches tall and is ideal for any average size room. Uses only 15 watts while other filters can use 250 watts. Offer includes the Ionic Breeze® Quadra™a Silent Air Purifier and Full Five-Year Warranty. Available in Light Gray. As an added bonus, so you can enjoy fresh air in your bathroom, we will send you a $69 Bathroom Air Purifier, absolutely free! * Select our one pay option to receive a free upgrade to priority shipping on your entire order!

Lubricate your joints to move more freely.

Conquer HA

1 payment + S/H - Save $50

Get fit with CardioCruiser

Cardio Cruiser

4 bottles, Healthy Living Guide and FREE S/H.

Propol Fiber to help you use weight

Reduce the appearance of dark circles

Fight wrinkles with Hylexin


Get a bright white smile

White Light Tooth Whitener


Make money with your own business

Jeff Paul System

Buy Real Estate for pennies on the dollar

Amazing Profits in Real Estate

Amazing Profits by John Beck

Save closet space and pamper your clothes

Care for your clothes and save closet space

Huggable Hangers

Trim your abs more efficiently and effectively -get a full ab workout

Work your abs more effectively with the Ab Revolutionizer As Seen On TV!

Ab Revolutionizer

Straightens and curls at the molecular level

Straighten your hair safety

True Ceramic Pro

Stimulant-free fat loss formula

Buy 2 and get 1 free



Freshen your room with Oreck's Air Purifier

Super Air 8 Professional Air Purifier

Bounce, Build, and Burn!

Bounce your way to weight loss and health

Urban Rebounding

One-Pin Positioning

Body by Jake

Volume I

Rev up your workout

Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease DVD


Real Yoga with Alicia Goldsmith

Clean and sanitize everything in your home

Scunci Steamer

Available in white or black

Showtime Rotisserie & Barbecue

Salad and Dressing in one container!

Salad Blaster

Oryx XL Ultra with the 2-speed control for different floors

Also get the Oryx 5-lb cannister and the cordless speed iron!


Stop Smoking Now

Smoke Away



Total Tolley

Create designer nails

Nail Dazzle

Wireless handsfree



Cut Your Expenses


The Love in your life

Long Stem Red Roses
and a box of hand made
Chocolate Truffles

The Long Stem
Red Roses
are cut fresh and shipped
express from the Grower with a box of
Chocolate Truffles.

And you get ......

... not bad.

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